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CompuCyte develops Laser Scanning Cytometry products for cell-based and tissue analysis, using advances in optics, computer technology, and imaging techniques. CompuCyte’s products provide life scientists, pharmaceutical researchers, and clinical laboratory professionals with unique high-information content analysis and reporting capabilities for discovery and objective characterization of the biophysical and biochemical cellular processes that define the normal and disease states.

Founded by Dr. Louis Kamentsky, internationally recognized for his pioneering work in the field of flow cytometry, CompuCyte’s Laser Scanning Cytometry provides life science researchers with the ability to undertake high-content analysis of cell and tissue specimens on a solid substrate, not feasible with any other product.

CompuCyte ’s platform technology, Laser Scanning Cytometry, has applications in basic life science research, drug discovery, and molecular pathology. The Company’s products based on this technology include the iCyte Automated Imaging Cytometer, the iCys Research Imaging Cytometer, the LSC® Laser Scanning Cytometer, and our revolutionary new development, the iColor Fluoro-Chromatic Imaging Cytometer. When combined with iBrowser Data Integration Software and the iNovator Application Development Toolkit, CompuCyte’s family of instruments provide unmatched flexibility in specimen formats and automation options, combined with analytical performance (quantitative cell-based analysis) and specimen visualization.

  • iCyte, using an inverted microscope platform, automates higher-volume, high-content cellular analysis performed on a variety of carriers, including microtiter plates and microscope slides. When combined with the optional robotic specimen loader, iCyte allows full walk-away analysis in areas of research that call for processing large numbers of samples, such as drug toxicity or biomarker discovery often performed on multiple tissue slides or with tissue microarrays.
  • iCys allows specimen visualization through its fully-configured microscope along with both laser scanning and brightfield visualization capabilities. iCys is quickly becoming the analytic tool of choice for life science research.
  • iColor combines the advantages of flow cytometry, fluorescence image analysis, and immunohistochemistry in one unique system. iColor allows simultaneous analysis of both fluorescent and chromatic staining in the same specimens, opening new applications to the power of quantitative analysis.

The Company’s prestigious customer base includes the top scientific and clinical research institutions (both governmental and universities), leading biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, and the most highly regarded hospitals and reference laboratories worldwide.

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